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Disinfectant Deodorant Concentrated Surface Spray

to control and prevent public nuisance smells to create an Animal Friendly Environment.

The addition of natural oils and aromatics enhances the odour control giving an Animal Friendly Environment.


For normal use 10% solution is adequate.


DELETE Deodorant Disinfectant

has been specially developed to deodorise

DELETE Deodorant Disinfectant

is concentrated and easily diluted with water

DELETE Deodorant Disinfectant

is an efficient deodorant surface spray

DELETE Deodorant Disinfectant

creates an animal friendly environment

DELETE Deodorant Disinfectant

is safe, easy to use and economical

DELETE Deodorant Disinfectant

Deodorant concentrated Surface Spray - contains 2% W/W Quarternary Ammonium Deodorant, Natural Antiseptics.

Conditions of sale: As the use of this preparation is beyond the control of the manufacturer the purchases assumes reponsibility for any results which may occur and shall not hold the manufacturer liable for any loss or injury however occurring.

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